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1. How to get a good domain name and what is it for?
A domain name is the unique address of your personal page. He will allow you to stand out among others, to be special. Also provide the address of your own site.

In order to get the unique address of your page, you need to go to the “User Profile” section in the “Talent Menu” section on the left among the sections of your profile. You will see the settings page, divided into several blocks. Select the "Personal Page Setup" block and fill in the "Unique Address of the Personal Page" field. The number of characters is limited - you can use letters (Latin) and numbers, but at least one letter. Click “Save”. Your unique domain name has been changed!

By providing your profile with a good domain name, you can share this address with others to familiarize yourself with your profile.

2. How to add someone as a friend?
In order to add yourself a friend, you need to visit a profile that interests you and click the "To friends" button, which you will find under the description of the person about himself to the right of the main photo of talent.

On the producer page, this button is located in a separate block on the right below the “Send Message” button.
After that, the selected user will appear in the list of your friends with the note "The request has been sent."
After confirming another talent / producer of your friend request, the tag will disappear.

3. How to fill out the profile? Why is it important.
Complete profile filling guarantees you a selection among other users. In addition, it will help visitors to get acquainted with your abilities, projects and opportunities in more detail. Open your talent to the world!
In order to fill out the profile correctly, go to the “User Profile” section, which you will find on the left in the “Talent Menu”.
Complete profile filling provides for filling in all sections, which you will find in the “User Profile” section. To do this, you need to upload the user's main photo, select rubrics / subcategories, fill in contact details, a description of yourself, additional information, create a unique address for your personal page. It is important to fill all the items, because this is the main tool on the road to success.

4. Browsing history.
The browsing history is designed so that you can easily find the profile of a talent / producer that you have recently viewed. After all, perhaps you are interested in someone, but you forgot to add it to your favorites list. It is easy to fix by finding the user in your browsing history.

5. How to know the appearance of my page for its visitors?
It is very easy to do! Just press “My Page” in the “Talent Menu” and in another tab you will see your page, which is what other visitors see.

6. How to write a message?
All your inbox and outbox messages are in the "Messages" section. In order to write to the user with whom you have already corresponded, use the search among your conversations.

If you want to send a message to a user with whom you have not yet corresponded, visit his page and click the “Send” button, which you will see to the right of the main profile photo.

After clicking on "Write" you will be redirected to a dialogue with the selected user.

7. How to add or change avatar?
Avatar - this is the main profile picture. In order to change it or upload it for the first time, go to the “User Profile” section in the menu, where all the profile settings are available and change the avatar by clicking on the small button in the upper right corner with a pencil icon.

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